Alex 狐聖 KŌSEI Reinke Horikitsune 彫きつね

Alex 狐聖 KŌSEI Reinke Horikitsune 彫きつね started tattooing in 1995 and was for a long time the only European taken on as a traditional Japanese craft family apprentice. He studied under world famous Horimono artist Horiyoshi III in Yokahama Japan.
From 2009 he was Horiyoshi IIIs’ senior apprentice and their connection ended in 2015.
Interested in Zen and Japanese culture since his early teens, Horikitsune 彫きつね formally took the Zen precepts with his master Daizan Roshi in 2011 under the kind guidance of the Japanese priest and accomplished zen master Shinzan Rodaishi of Gyokuryuji Temple in Gifu-ken.
In 2009 Horikitsune 彫きつね established Kofuu-Senju Publications with a former colleague in Yokohama Japan, with the blessings of master Horiyoshi III.
In 2015 he took over the business by himself and changed the name to 狐聖 KŌSEI PUBLICATIONS LTD.
Photography has been a long time passion of Horikitsune 彫きつね. You can find his photos and texts in all his publications to date.

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