Osen II - Further exploration into the works of Osen.

No longer available from us!

This is the second volume surveying the previously unpublished artworks by Yokohama Irezumi designer Osen.  The collection consists of 500 original drawings of which the remaining half is published in Osen II. Most of the works are full size back piece designs for the Japanese tattoo together with numerous full scale arm designs and some very beautiful shikishi boards. Osen was active during the 1950’s and 60’s. Since Osen never became a tattoo artist himself it is through his extraordinary artwork on paper, not skin, that we have chosen to introduce him to the readers and collectors.  It has exercised a tremendous impact on the development of the traditional Japanese tattoo we see today and no individual seriously interested in Irezumi can go without the collection presented in this book.

Book Facts: Limited Edition 600 copies. Hardcover and threadbound. Embossed Cover and Spine. 24×34 cm (9,5×13,5 inches). 200 pages. 250 + color Irezumi designs. High Quality paper and print. Original Kofuu Senju design. Printed using a Komori Printing Press by Göteborgstryckeriet, Gothenburg, Sweden


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