Enku - In Heavens River

Enku – In Heavens River

This is a joint venture book between KS and Zenways Press, which has been published by Zenways Press earlier this year.

Enku was a 16th century zen monk from Gifu ken. He vowed to carve 100000 buddhas in his lifetime and he succeeded according to folk tales of the area. He also wrote poetry. Kofuu Horikitsune went on an especially organised trip to Japan to photograph the last remaining Enku statues in various museums.

It features full Photography by Kofuu Horikitsune and the book layout by Senju Horimatsu with texts and poems of Enku translated by Zen master Daizan-Roshi of Yugagyo-dojo London U.K.

All work was done by volunteers and all proceeds go to the charity for orphaned kids of the Tsunami disaster in 2011.

You can buy it here.


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