The independent bookpublishing label 狐聖 KŌSEI Publications Ltd. was formed out of the previous publishing house Kofuu-Senju Publications Ltd, which was brought to life in Japan during the autumn of 2009. The previous founders Alex Kofuu Reinke and Matti Senju Sedholm have decided to part ways in 2016, with Alex taking over and renaming the label to 狐聖 KŌSEI Publications. 狐聖 KŌSEI meaning Holy Fox.

Alex KŌSEI Reinke is owner of the Holy Fox Tattoos Studio since 1995. He will keep on selling some of the old stock and will create new books by himself from now on. He has been working within the tradition of Irezumi, the traditional Japanese tattoo, for many years, and felt a passionate need to share with the world his experience of this tradition, as well as that of Japanese culture and Zen Buddhism. Being a photographer as well as a writer he took it upon himself to create the books he had always wanted to hold in hand, portraying these subject matters, as well as books on western tattoo culture. See his Facebook and Instagram page for daily updates.

Alex is known to be an avid book collector and as such he strives to maintain the highest quality possible in his published works. The books are exclusively printed in Europe so that he can be present during the entire process. He researches, photographs and designs each book himself, so that his vision and the quality can be maintained through out the process.

It is important to mention that all the work conducted for future books is done solely by Alex, even storage and shipment, next to a busy work schedule and family life. The goal he is aiming for is to honour the artists and their work, whom and which he portrays in his books. He believes in producing the highest quality books, which is just good enough for the immense work and craftsmanship the portrayed artists have delivered. However during the stressful period of meeting deadlines and as it is the case with most publications worldwide; tiny, unintentional, mishaps can still occur. However these usually don’t alter the positive experience of his books, nevertheless Alex asks for forgiveness in this matter. After all it is not his main profession.

Alex 狐聖 KŌSEI Reinke is of German descent and used to be the senior apprentice of a renown Japanese master in Yokohama until mid 2015. He started tattooing in 1995 and picked up photography in early 2009. Ordained as a lay monk of the Rinzai-zen branch, studying under his teacher Daizan-Roshi at the Yugagyo-dojo in his hometown London U.K., Alex Reinke is concentrating on the penetration of the essence of the Japanese spirit, culture as well as the search of the true self. This search has lead him to realise, that certain aspects of self realisation as thought in zen and some very old traditional Japanese ways and thinking of a certain subculture present in Japan, are surprisingly not very compatible. However Alex tries all his works to be inspired by this search and to portray this spirit in whatever he does.


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