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Rico and Shion at Daruma Goya Tattoos



Mick Tattoo Zuerich and Esra s Skulls

Mike the Athens and his 108 MARKS Book

Sabine Gaffron


Alex Binnie and Into you

Claudia De Sabe 

Henning Jorgensen at Royal Tattoo

Dario Ristic at Infamous Tattoo

TIN-TIN Tattouage Paris

Iain Mullen and Johan Losand at Imperial Tattoo

Frith Street Tattoos with Stewart Robson and Valerie Vargas

Steve Morante at Fudoshin Tattoos

Max Stahlhammer at Stockholm Classic Tattoo

Lal Hardy at New Wave Tattoo

Shin-ou Tattoo Heidelberg


Ed Hardy at Tattoo City

Bob and Charley Roberts at Spotlight Tattoo

Tim Hendricks and his incredible Tattoo Pen

Lindsey Carmichael of Gold Rush Tattoo

Freddy Corbin and Jason McAfee at Temple Tattoo

Grime and Yutaro at Skull and Sword Tattoo

Troy Denning at Invisible Tattoo

Mike Rubendall at Kings Avenue Tattoo

Chris Garver

Eddy Deutsche

Forrest at Cobra Custom Tattoo

Kevin Le Blanc

Oliver Pecker at Elm Street Tattoo

Eli Quinters at Smith Street Tattoo

Dringenberg Tattoo Supply




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